In the recent times, the potential tenants for the rental apartments in Dubai are presented with a variety of options, ranging from unfurnished units to semi/ partially furnished and the fully managed furnished apartments – thus providing them with a vast variety to choose from, depending upon their priorities.

Resent statistics have shown a considerable rise in the requirement for managed furnished apartment in Dubai. We tried to look into the reasons for this inclination, and found that the following factors play an essential part in making the managed furnished apartments more desirable:

Beneficial for Temporary Stay

To begin with, the managed furnished apartments in Dubai are highly beneficial for the short term stay- weather you are there on a corporate tour, a short vacation or for medical reasons, a furnished and managed apartment would totally fulfill your needs while costing way less than the hotels.

Perfect for Long Term Stay

In addition to the short term stay, they are also perfect for the long term stay of Dubai residents. The managed furnished apartments lessen the hassle for the tenants; as all the responsibilities are held by the managing agencies.

High Quality Services

Since the managing agencies are responsible for provision of all the services (including most of the damages and maintenance of the apartment), they ensure maintenance of high quality in order to maintain and furnish their reputation as well as their client’s property.

Shifting is Easy

Once you decide to move out (due to any reason), it is way easier to shift from a managed furnished apartments, than from an unfurnished one. The hassle of moving the furniture and a number of appliances is completely eliminated, saving the expense as well as the efforts linked to moving residence.

Thus on one hand the managed apartments are confortable to live in and it is also quite convenient to move out of them, making them a perfect choice for majority of the tenants in Dubai.