Regardless of the nature of your tour, and the duration of your stay, the short term rental apartments in Dubai are sure to be your perfect choice- guaranteeing the privacy and comfort that no hotel room can provide. Short term rental apartments in Dubai come in various shapes and sizes, depending upon your requirements and budget. The major types of apartments include:

Hotel Apartments

Hotel apartments, also known as serviced or furnishes apartments, are specifically known for providing luxurious lifestyle, while maintaining an affordable cost, and thus rendered perfect for a short stay in Dubai. These short term rental apartments in Dubai are generally situated on prime locations, usually Dubai Marina, Jumeriah Beach or Palm Island, allowing easy access to the city. The apartments are easily available on weekly, monthly or daily rental, and thus can be obtained in accordance with the duration of your stay.

Studio Apartments

Studio apartment is more practical for working individuals/ expatriates who prefer private living space, against the room sharing. The apartment’s size can be chosen based on the family size and need of the tenants. More like any other short term rental apartment in Dubai, studio apartments are available on monthly as well as daily basis, thus relieving the tenant of the long term contract.

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments, while being less-expensive as compared to the 5-star hotels, provide more or less the same comfort and facilities. The serviced apartments are fully furnished, and generally linked to huge hotel chains- thus providing similar facilities at much less rates. They usually include 24 hours service and gate keeping services, thus providing more relaxation and security as compared to any other short term rental apartment in Dubai.

Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments, as the title suggests, are fully furnished, and perfectly equipped with all the basic amenities for short stay. These super luxury apartments are fast gaining fame in Dubai, mainly due to the facilities provided by them, combined with their location. Thus, if you are in for an exquisite living experience in the heart of Dubai, Furnished apartment is the option for you.