New Year’s Eve in Dubai – Where to Watch Mesmerizing Fireworks?

New Year is not too far away and as the time is progressing the most happening and sensational evening of the year is coming. The New Year’s Eve! In every country across the globe, people gather and welcome the New Year with enthusiasm and hope for a better year. The best part of the New […]

Rent your Property in Dubai

Renting property in Dubai is not as simple as it might be in some other parts of the world; as the proper procedure and legal method makes it highly secure as well as a little complicated. Thus, the landlord is supposed to be fully updated before moving on to the process. If you are planning […]

Managed Furnished Apartment in Dubai

In the recent times, the potential tenants for the rental apartments in Dubai are presented with a variety of options, ranging from unfurnished units to semi/ partially furnished and the fully managed furnished apartments – thus providing them with a vast variety to choose from, depending upon their priorities. Resent statistics have shown a considerable […]

Advantages of Booking Dubai Furnished Apartment for Rent Short Term

With the increase in number of people visiting Dubai each year, there has been an incredible rise in the demand of living space- which includes hotels, villas, short term furnished apartments as well as others. However, while each of these have their own specific positive and negative aspects, Dubai furnished apartments for rent short term […]

How to choose Dubai Furnished Apartment for Rent Short Term

Selecting a furnished apartment for short term rent in Dubai, as easy as it might sound, usually turns out to be challenging: mainly because there are several aspects that have to be considered before settling for one. To ensure smooth decision making, and settle for the most suitable option, here are a few features that […]

Ideal locations in Dubai, for Short Term Rental Furnished Apartments

Ranging from lavish five star facilities, to the low-budget furnished apartments for short term rental in Dubai- the options are unlimited. The vast variations are not only in the terms of cost- there are also differences in the facilities provided by each, level of comfort they offer, and most important- their location. Here are a […]

Types of Short Term Rental Apartments in Dubai

Regardless of the nature of your tour, and the duration of your stay, the short term rental apartments in Dubai are sure to be your perfect choice- guaranteeing the privacy and comfort that no hotel room can provide. Short term rental apartments in Dubai come in various shapes and sizes, depending upon your requirements and […]